Quality Control Process For Best Custom Watches


  • For Standard Automatic Swiss ETA and Swiss Quartz/Quartz Chrono, accuracy is usually set to +/- 10 secs
  • For Automatic Chronograph Swiss movement, accuracy is set to +/- 3 to 5 secs
  • For Standard Automatic Asia Movements, precision is set to +/- 8 to 13 secs.

We will try best to accomplish the best precision/ score for you. Don’t be fooled by amateur and novice dealerships claiming they can do much better accuracy than specified. This is the very best possible ranking that can be accomplished because these are custom watches.


All watches will be provided with a waterproofing service. Once again, we will attempt our best to get the best rating for you. The screening technique is the “Dry Approach” utilizing a Dry Pressure Ranking Devices. You can use these watches stress-free, even when its raining outside.

Physical and Quality Assessment

We perform the following process of eye evaluation on all watches before they ship out. The review includes the following actions:

  • Seconds hand running efficiently without and bumps
  • No dirt is hidden under the crystals
  • After the Waterproofing quality assurance procedure, we ensure all watches are Cleaned and Polished once again
  • We make sure clasps and buckles are closed. We assure you that it fits properly with no loose screws on the straps.
  • Make sure there are no visible scratches or markers anywhere on the watch, crystal, and strap.
  • Polish the crystal with our own crystal wax to provide the shine and clarity that it must have.

We Carry Out such Quality Assurance Treatments on all watches, be it a 199 USD Japanese Model or a 1500 USD Swiss Watch.

We offer the very best possible service during pre and post-sales and ensure customers get the very best of what they have spent, thus not requiring them to go shopping in other places.


All watches are carefully checked to ensure that there are no imperfections. This consists of correcting the bracelet, clasp, links, seating of the crystal, bezel positioning, and functions of the watch. We change and set the time; we cycle through the dates. We make sure that the date turns when the clock reaches the 12:00 position.

All watches are then checked on a watch-time tester machine to ensure that the watch falls within an appropriate variety of +/- 3 seconds daily. The maker also guarantees that the watch is beating appropriately.

After passing the visual, practical, and motion tests, the watches are then photographed three times to record their physical condition before shipment. This ensures to customers that all watches are devoid of damage before delivery. This procedure likewise serves to keep a record of each watch delivered to make sure that each client gets what he purchased. The quality assurance HD VIDEOS are sent out to each consumer while the automated shipping email is sent, allowing clients to inspect and confirm their orders before delivery.

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