Noob Factory Rolex Watches

Noob factory is among the most famous factories for custom Rolex watches. They started production of custom watches a long time ago and are developing some high-quality stuff. Noob is the master of Rolex model, especially Submariner, GMT Master II and recently managed to create a new version of Day-date, Daytona, and Yacht-Master.

The most important consideration when buying a noob watch is its quality.

You will usually find a lot of cheap, noob Rolex watches on the streets. But almost all cheap ones are made from countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Japan. The cheaper custom Rolex watches are battery operated, have a ticking second hand, feels very thin and look very cheap.

However, if you spend less than $200 or $300 on a watch, you will only get the cheap quality products. Do not expect to get something that looks or feels like the real Noob Factory Rolex.

The main reason why you can only find cheap quality Rolex on the streets is that most people do not carry a lot of cash with them. You cannot sell 800-1500 noob watches in a day since the cash-carrying people are limited. The only people with money are private investigators and prosecutors who try to collect evidence.

Common Problems with Inferior Quality Watches

1. Maintenance

The most common complaint by the customers would be loss of time. However, this can be recognized professionally because customers do not know how automatic movements work. They do not know that you must maintain a watch to keep it going.

Another problem is, after a year, the second´s hand does not work correctly because it has not been serviced. For the watch to work correctly, every part needs to be removed and cleaned regularly. If it is not routinely done (like any other Swiss watch), the movement will not run as smoothly as it should.

To reduce 90% of problems, you should maintain your watch regularly and keep it moving. It has a real Swiss made movement that should be maintained.

2. Fading colour

In many Noob Factory Reviews, customers complain that the gold on the watch fades after a while. For avoiding this problem, keep the watch away from saltwater. If the watch is touched by salt water, wash it several times with soap, and the colour will return to normal.

This does not mean that the gold wears out - gold reacts with salt and discolours like any real Noob Factory watch. Avoid swimming with it in the sea and have it polished if the colour changes.

3. Water damage

Many people open the back of the watch themselves but do not have the right tools to screw it back on, and the seal is not sealed. This in future can cause damage if you spill water accidentally.

Never unscrew the back of the watch unless you have the right tools. Also, be sure to screw the crowns tight, so the seals are tight.

Rather than worrying for all the above problems, make sure you buy high-quality noob factory Rolex watches from our website.

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